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January 12, 2017

WATCH: T.J. McConnell's buzzer-beater (like most things) is better with 'Titanic' music

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011217_Titanic-Sixers Staff Illustration/Photos via Alex Subers

"I will never let go, Jo. I'll never let go." -- T.J. McConnell, probably.

You've probably already seen T.J. McConnell's buzzer-beater against the Knicks on Wednesday night, which propelled the Sixers to a 98-97 win, their fourth in five games, and left the near sell-out crowd at the Wells Fargo Center either totally elated or completely deflated. 

It all depended on what shade of blue you were wearing.

But now -- actually hold on for a second.

[/Movie Guy voice]

But now, witness the shot like you've never seen it before, the way James Cameron and Celine Dion originally intended. 

I don't know why everything is so much better with the "Titanic" theme music over top of it, but who am I to question such things. 

Here are a few of my other favorites from a similar handle, @TitanicOnThings:

[SPOILER ALERT: If you aren't caught up on Game of Thrones, skip this one.]

And, finally... 

[Also, a shoutout to Alex Subers, who took the photos of T.J. McConnell and Joel Embiid that I used in the photoshop illustration at the top of the post.]

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