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July 11, 2017

Which Philly sandwich ranked as one of the best in the U.S.?

Spoiler: it's not a cheesesteak.

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Stock_Carroll - South Street Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

South Street.

In what sounds like one of the greatest work projects ever, the staff at Tasting Table set out on a mission to hand select the very best sandwiches – 23, to be exact – in these United States. Alongside Maine’s finest lobster roll, the best hot chicken sandwich in Tennessee – and a number of other sandwiches ranging from decadent to deliciously simple (i.e. grilled cheese) – Philly got a call out for one of its famed sandwich shops.

By the way, it’s not a cheesesteak.

That might have been your first assumption, but Tasting Table instead directs your attention to Philly’s other favorite sandwich: roast pork.

As with their sports teams, Philadelphians are nothing if not unwaveringly loyal to their favorite local sandwich shops. So, while there are bound to be a few hurt feelings from die-hard Nick’s or DiNic’s patrons, the top roast pork sandwich selected by Tasting Table was none less than that at John’s Roast Pork.

“DiNic’s at Reading Terminal Market is a great place to try this under-the-radar gem,” the article reads. “But our favorite spot to dig into this sandwich is at a picnic table outside John’s, a Philly favorite since 1930. Note that John’s version comes with garlic-laden spinach, not broccoli rabe. And don’t shy away from ordering the bigger size – that’s where you’ll get the best bread.”

Also on the list is the chicken parm from Milano’s Deli in Jersey City, which Tasting Table describes as “a stereotypical East Coast Italian deli.”

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