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February 09, 2016

‘The X-Files’ becomes the latest show to poke fun at the Sixers

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After a 14-year hiatus, The X-Files is back on your television screens with new episodes. Last night’s episode (titled “Home Again”) was set in Philadelphia, and while Fox Mulder was on the job, he just couldn’t resist a jab at the local basketball team.

Watch Hank Moody roasting the Sixers here (video via Crossing Broad):

In one man’s opinion, not a bad joke at all. FOX has been all over the Sixers’ case recently, with The Simpsons getting in on the act just a few weeks ago. Until the Sixers stop losing games at an insane clip, they are going to low hanging fruit for comedians and writers. Them's the breaks on the pursuit of lottery balls.

The Sixers, who are good at social media, quickly offered this rebuttal:

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