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August 17, 2015

Twenty reasons to be really, really excited football is back

Guide to getting hyped for the season

OK, is it fair to say that football season is overrated? 

Seriously. The fact that millions of people tune in every week to watch a bunch of grown men wear tight, brightly colored jerseys with their name on the back, chasing an oddly shaped ball is a strange and silly American pastime. Over it.


Can you feel the adrenaline? The NFL is back; on Sundays, Thursdays, Mondays, and sometimes Saturdays, and pretty much all the time if you look in the right place

With the dawn of teams playing meaningful football approaching, the excitement may be overwhelming. That's ok, because you have every reason to be pumped. Here are 20 reasons (with a heavy Eagles bias) to be elated that football season is finally here (some videos in this article contain strong and potentially offensive language):

1. Breaking out your favorite jersey

2. Trolling other teams' fans

3. Trash talking in your fantasy league 

4. Handling your team losing like a champ

5. A steady diet of beer and wings

6. Taking backyard football way too seriously

7. Playing out your weird football fantasies in Madden

8. Eli Manning's Face

9. The crazy callers on sports radio

10. A reason to high-five strangers

11. Taking tailgating to the max

12. More reasons to love your favorite celebrity

13. Watching awkward press conferences 

14. Seeing grown men dance like weirdos

15. Forgetting about a tough baseball season

16. Having unreasonable expectations

17. Singing your favorite song

18. Comebacks

19. Bonding with loved ones 

20. Simply put: Football is back