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February 01, 2018

After having wisdom teeth removed, Eagles fan gets emotional about Super Bowl LII

Everyone reacts to being sedated differently. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I apparently couldn't stop using profanity, to the point that my mother had to shuffle me out of the waiting room so I wouldn't soil the ears of younger patients.

For one South Jersey woman, it was the anticipation of her good friends, the Philadelphia Eagles, playing in the big game that brought out her dazed emotions. A viral video posted to Facebook, viewed nearly 700,000 times and shared by more than 10,000 people, shows Haley Parks after getting her wisdom teeth out.

And she only has one thing on her mind: the gosh darn Super Bowl.

Parks, whose Facebook profile says she's from Monroe County and attends school at Rutgers, is initially worried she missed the Super Bowl. Then she wants to get a ticket for the Super Bowl. Then she wants to tell the players she's rooting for them but realizes she doesn't have their phone numbers. Then she gets sad for Carson Wentz because he got injured. But then she expresses faith in "St. Nick" Foles. 

Then the confidence kicks in, as she notes the Eagles' defense is better than the Patriots' defense. Then she almost gets angry, noting they "better win" so she can go to the parade. She has faith. She hates the fake fans, noting she'd still be the Eagles' friend if they went 0-16. She loves them, because they're like her sisters. Or brothers. Relatives, whatever. Oh no, now she feels like she's drowning.

Here is the point in the article where I would maybe poke a little fun at Haley. I say "would" because I can't, because the sequence above is pretty much the exact range of emotions I've gone through every day since the NFC Championship game. We feel you, Haley. Go Birds.