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December 01, 2016

All Philadelphia public bathrooms now mandated to have baby changing stations

Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a bill Thursday that requires all city-owned buildings with public bathroom access to have changing station installed.

The legislation covers both women's and men's restrooms, including in recreation centers, libraries, City Hall and other municipal facilities.

Councilwoman Cindy Bass (D-8th District) introduced the bill in September to provide a safer area for diapers to be changes while reducing liability to the city. Bass also noted that the new law will make the city more family-friendly.

“Modern families require modern amenities. Parenting responsibilities are more equally shared than ever before, and it’s time that our public buildings catch up to that trend. local government represents all city residents, even our little ones,” Bass said.

Previously, no federal or state law required the city to provide changing stations. However, President Barack Obama signed a law in October mandating them in federal facilities.

Bass' bill also changing stations be installed in all new construction projects that use city funds.