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October 02, 2018

Trump visits Philly, and Gritty becomes a symbol of the protest

It seems like there's nothing Gritty can't do these days

Gritty Protests
10022018_Gritty_Flyers_Twitter Source/Twitter

Gritty, the Flyer's new mascot, was the adopted face of Tuesday's protest against President Donald Trump in Philadelphia.

Warning: explicit language is used in images throughout this story.

President Donald Trump visited Philadelphia on Tuesday for the National Electrical Contractors Association at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center City.

Like Trump's previous visits to the city, protests were plentiful.

And among the throng of protesters, a common symbol kept popping up: the Philadelphia Flyers new mascot and all-around weirdo, Gritty.

Yes, that Gritty. 

The mascot has gripped sports fans and general zeitgeist consumers alike after being unveiled on September 24, and now he’s somehow been rolled into residents’ protest tactics, joining the hooded women from Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale."

How this happened is anyone’s guess, but it seems like Gritty is having his “Welcome to The Resistance” moment as we type. 

Somehow, this Pittsburgh Twitter user saw Gritty’s political turn coming from the very day Gritty was introduced to the world:

Of course, maybe we should’ve seen this as inevitable after he showed up on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” to portray Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, complete with a Bud Light. 

Where will Gritty end up next? It’s almost impossible to predict.

As for his actual whereabouts on Tuesday afternoon, Gritty was… occupied.

What a guy.