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June 12, 2015

Animal rights group records alleged abuse at Gloucester County rodeo

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06122015_Rodeo SHARK/YouTube

SHARK, an animal rights group, alleges that animals were abused at a recent rodeo at a Gloucester County–owned facility.

An animal rights group alleges that animals were mistreated at a recent rodeo at a Gloucester County-owned facility, reports.

Acting on a tip, SHARK (Showing Animals Respect & Kindness) sent someone to investigate a May 17 rodeo event titled Rancho San Isidro at the Gloucester County DREAM Park in Logan Township.

Stuart Chaifetz, a Cherry Hill resident and investigator for SHARK, recorded a video of the event. Bulls can be seen tied by their heads, left without water and prodded with an electric device. One bull collapses in the arena.

"What was so surprising was how open the abuse was," Chaifetz told "The one bull who fell down in the arena looked like he just had enough. One guy was drinking a beer while he's operating an electric prod, which is just insane."

The group has already reached out to the DREAM Park's Director, Flossie Ale, and received a letter back confirming that there was "cattle prod abuse" at the event and that the park would "never tolerate such cruel conditions for any animals to be treated like that."

Gloucester County officials released a statement Wednesday afternoon, calling the allegations "disturbing."

"We have confidence that the Director of the DREAM Park, Ms. Florence Ale, will handle them appropriately," the statement read.

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