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February 28, 2017

Appropriately, Sixers shame Warriors 'fans' with 'bandwagon cam'

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There are two instances in which rooting for the Golden State Warriors, and wearing their colors, Monday night at the Wells Fargo Center would have been appropriate. First, if you are originally from the Bay Area and have either since moved to Philadelphia or were just visiting for the night, it makes sense that you'd be a fan of your hometown team. Second, if you are a young child whose parents did not make you swear allegiance to their team of choice, your youth excuses you from traditional fan etiquette.

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Otherwise, if you were wearing a Kevin Durant or Steph Curry jersey in the building during the Sixers' valiant (but ultimately losing) effort against a team that went from three All-Stars to four this offseason with the addition of Durant, you are nothing but a no-good bandwagon fan. The Warriors are literally located on the opposite side of the country, so there's no potential geographic reasoning. And not since the Big Three of the Miami Heat has such an incredible amount of talent been assembled on one team.

All this considered, the Sixers — taking a page from the Milwaukee Bucks' playbook — appropriately shamed Warriors "fans" during Monday night's game with a "bandwagon cam." I hope the fan seen below feels bad, because he should feel bad.

Some sports blogs also pointed to the fan seen in the below video. He can be seen putting his giveaway Sixers shirt over his Curry jersey. There's still hope for you, young man.