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September 27, 2016

Beanie Sigel took a punch in the Philly cheesesteak war

Local rap beef escalates with apparent incident at Wells Fargo Center

Over the weekend, a literal hip-hop beef erupted in Philadelphia when Meek Mill accused The Game, a West Coast rapper, of fabricating a trip to Max's Steaks on Broad Street in order to appear as though he brazenly entered his rival's turf, or something along those lines.

A spate of testimony from Max's, all posted on Instagram, strongly suggests that Meek is right and The Game just did not think the whole presentation through.

Now, according to TMZ, Philly native Beanie Sigel has been roped into the battle. At the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night, ahead of his performance for Diddy's "Bad Boy" show, Sigel got decked because he allegedly gave The Game some intel on Meek's Dreamchasers crew.

The man seen escorted from the scene backstage was identified as Teefy Bey, a regular in Meek's posse who more or less admitted to punching Sigel in a filmed interview (warning: it contains explicit language). He suggested that the motive went beyond familiar attacks against Meek Mill's allegedly ghostwritten verses — and probably beyond cheesesteaks, we presume.

Earlier this year, Sigel vowed never to play in Philadelphia again after troubled comedian Katt Williams wound up fighting a fan onstage during a show with Jahlil Beats at the Trocadero. Boone, another Philly rapper, implied Williams was high at the time of the incident. Sigel said the issue was about terrible security and disrespect.

Despite the punch, Sigel managed to lick his wounds and perform Saturday night without any apparent difficulty.