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June 22, 2016

Bicoastal exhibit explores 'Growth' in Philly

Bicoastal exhibit mirrors Portland's 'Decay'

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Jon MacNair's work for "Growth" and "Decay" Courtesy of Paradigm Gallery + Studio/PhillyVoice

A sneak peak of the "Growth" and "Decay" works in the exhibit. These pieces were created by Jon MacNair.

Two themes. Two cities. Thirty-two artists were each asked to create two pieces, one about "Growth" and one about "Decay."  The pieces on "Growth" will be featured at South Philly's Paradigm Gallery + Studio beginning June 24, while the "Decay" pieces will be showcased at Antler Gallery in Portland a week later.

The friendship between the West Coast and East Coast galleries stemmed from working with a handful of the same artists. Caitlin McCormack, Drew Leshko and Jeremy Hush are among the Philadelphia-based artists who exhibit with both spaces.

Since both galleries have similar tastes in art, they decided to pair up for a bicoastal exhibit. Philly gets a chance to discover new Portland artists and vice versa.

For those interested in seeing the pieces side-by-side, since Portland isn't exactly nearby, Paradigm Gallery + Studio's website features a sneak peak of the artists' work.

Courtesy of Paradigm Gallery + Studio/PhillyVoice

Here is work created by Alex Eckman-Lawn for the exhibit.

"Growth/Decay" Opening Reception

Friday, June 24
5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Paradigm Gallery + Studio
746 S. 4th St.
(267) 266-0073