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November 12, 2015

Black Widow spider plucked from organic grapes sold in Bucks County

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Black Widow Spider Wales/Wikimedia Commons

Profile Photo of a Mature Latrodectus southern Black Widow spider.

A Bucks County woman reportedly plucked a possibly venomous Black Widow spider off of a cluster of organic grapes she purchased at a BJ's Wholesale Club in Langhorne, Pa.

According to 6ABC, the woman, Amy Reed, a physician at the University of Pennsylvania, said she spotted the spider crawling on the Welch's Organic Grapes while washing the produce. 

She told 6ABC she identified the spider based the red hourglass shape on its underside. She added that she plucked the insect off the grapes and stored it in the freezer to have it confirmed.

Officials from BJ's Wholesale Club told 6ABC they have since been notified about the incident and have inspected all other grapes sold at the store, finding no traces of any insects. 

Welch's reportedly also called the woman directly to discuss the incident.

Read the full report at 6ABC.