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April 30, 2017

Brave cat perches atop Philadelphia police K-9 vehicle

Social Media Police
043017_cat_police PPDTroyBrown/Twitter

A furry feline answered the call this week to serve alongside Philly's finest.

On Friday night, the Philadelphia Police Department had some fun on social media when a bold cat was found on top of the unit's K-9 vehicle. The photo was first posted on Twitter by Public Information Officer Troy Brown, who obviously needed backup right meow.

"CAUTION: POLICE DOG" was written in bright red colors on the side of the truck, but that didn't deter the animal from perching on the police lights.

Authorities briefly considered hiring the cat to help crack down on the illegal sale of "Meowijuana," but remembered they were "too easily distracted by the jingling of the handcuffs."

The amusing situation went over well on social media, garnering countless jokes and more than 11,800 shares on Facebook and retweets on Twitter.