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November 05, 2018

South Philly gym offers free workout to voters

CHARGE Performance and Wellness wants Philly to vote

Fitness Election Day
charge-free-voter-workout Charles Scogna/CHARGE Performance and Wellness

A look at one of the workouts you might get to try at CHARGE.

Tomorrow is a very important day here in Philadelphia and nationwide; it’s the midterm elections — which I’m REALLY hoping you already knew about.

While exercising your right to vote has a sizable impact on your daily life as well as your future, your vote tomorrow can count toward your fitness goals, too, if you can believe it. South Philly’s CHARGE Performance and Wellness is serving up some serious voting and fitness motivation: vote and you can score a free workout at the gym.

All you have to do to get in on this sweet deal is: 1. Vote, duh! 2. Snap a photo outside of your local polling station — it can be a selfie, a crowd shot, or whatever is most fitting with your Instagram content and 3. Tag CHARGE @charge_philly and use #youareincharge. And, voila! You get one free class at their conventional fitness gym. It’s worth noting, however, that the free class offer is only good for a week. Also, anyone who posts and tags CHARGE can score a free workout, not just voters — but voting would be cool. 

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"CHARGE has always stood for using fitness to model positive action in our gym but also outside our doors in our community. We are motivating people to vote, even though some might not think it is effective or that their individual vote may not count for much," Charles Scogna, owner of CHARGE, told PhillyVoice. "In reality, it does count. And it is the same in fitness. When someone says ‘yes’ to a workout, they may not immediately reach their goals, but, modeling that positive action over-and-over gets them one step closer to success."

CHARGE Performance and Wellness is at 928 Christian St. in Bella Vista.

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