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June 03, 2019

Chase Utley had the perfect reaction to missing Phillies-Dodgers for a Kidz Bop concert

Now that Chase Utley is retired, it's fair to ask whether the California native has more of a rooting interest in his most recent team, the Dodgers, or in the Phillies, where he won his only championship.

One way to answer this question would be to see Utley at a Phillies-Dodgers game and observe where his allegiances appear to stand. Does he sit there expressionless? Does he wear a team's colors? Does he compartmentalize and support both teams in a way that this article assumes is impossible for the sake of its own existence? 

Kevin Cooney: Phillies must change it up to beat the Dodgers of the world

Well, this past weekend was the perfect time to figure it all out. The Phillies were in Los Angeles for a three-game series between two competitive first place teams. 

Sadly, old friend Chase could not make it to Saturday's game. He had to instead take one of his kids to a Kidz Bop concert — and Jennifer, his wife, rubbed it in with delight.

A Philadelphia hero, living the dad life and attending to its priorities. 

At the show, Utley's son evidently tried to work on his floss dance, which still needs some work. 

The Phillies got swept by the Dodgers, in the end. It isn't clear whether Utley was at either of the other two games. He was very much at a Kidz Bop concert, though. And you know what? That's not really such a bad thing. Their version of "7 Years," for example, is way better than the original. The sentimentality and wholesome dorkiness of the music genuinely becomes its appeal if only you just let it.