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December 28, 2015

Percentage of Americans who believe terrorists are winning is highest since 9/11, CNN poll shows

According to a new CNN poll released Monday, the percentage of Americans who feel terrorists are winning the war against the United States and its allies has reached a high since the September 11 attacks.

The poll included phone interviews with 1,018 adult Americans between December 17-21. 

Of those polled, 18 percent said they feel America and its allies are winning the war on terror, compared with 44 percent back in 2011, while anxieties over an attack hitting close to home has also spiked compared with the past decade.

According to an analysis of the poll, the responses cross party lines with nearly three-quarters saying they are not satisfied with how the war on terror is proceeding. 

Still the majority felt the government has the ability and tools to prevent all major attacks if acted on properly.

View the poll here.