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September 15, 2016

Connor Barwin will only eat from this pizza place in Philly

Postgame ritual revealed after seven local spots make nationwide list

Pizza Connor Barwin
082716_Barwin_AP Darron Cummings/AP

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Connor Barwin celebrates a sack during the first quarter against the Indianapolis Colts.

There are arguably fewer than 101 things more fulfilling in life than good pizza. Ask the Ninja Turtles, ask SpongeBob, ask Wayne Campbell, ask everyone in this mash-up video of pizza's cameos on the silver screen.

Last week, Philadelphia was honored with five entries on The Daily Meal's top 101 pizza places in America, led by Fishtown's Pizzeria Beddia, which Bon Appétit last year named the best pizza place in the entire country.

Opinions on this subject are supposed to clash (cheesy s/o to Rustica at 2nd and Poplar). That's the fun of it. Everyone's got their spot, and now according to GQ, Eagles defensive end Connor Barwin has a very particular postgame pizza ritual. 

Barwin, a local philanthropist and tree-hugger, gave the men's magazine a rundown of his weekly workout and dietary schedule. On gameday, it's a jumbo breakfast to power him through the number of snaps he often sees at one of the most high-intensity and high-impact positions in football.

After the game, Barwin checks into none other than Santucci's, the 65th best pizza place in the United States, according to The Daily Meal.

"Mushroom pizza always from Santucci’s in Philadelphia," Barwin said. "Always.”