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March 03, 2017

Could Chip Kelly announce an Eagles game next season?

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If Chip Kelly wants to be a head coach in the NFL, he’ll have to wait until next year. And if Kelly wants a top-notch college head coaching position he’ll also have to wait until next season (SMH, Alabama).

So, what do you do facing the prospect of at least a year away from the sidelines? Well, you can either tour a bunch of college and pro practices or join the media. And according to a report by Yahoo’s Charles Robinson, Kelly is considering heading to FOX:

Kelly doesn’t necessarily seem like the type of football coach who will thrive on television, but hey, it’s good work if you can get it. FOX lost one of their main analysts this season when John Lynch started running the San Francisco 49ers, who fired Kelly after one season.

Theoretically, this all leads to the amazing possibility of Kelly calling an Eagles game during the 2017 season. I would imagine that the Chippah and FOX would try to steer away from that scenario, but we can all dare to dream.

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