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March 12, 2020

Wire artist installs Danny DeVito sculpture in South Philly

Philadelphia has a new protector hanging from the power lines at Broad Street and Washington Avenue: Danny DeVito.

More precisely, it's "awt collecta" Ongo Gablogian, who made an indelible appearance on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Baltimore street artist REED bmore, whose medium is wire, blessed the city with the sculpture last month. Possibly because of the Ongo disguise, or because everyone is freaking out about the coronavirus, it hasn't really picked up widespread attention beyond the neighborhood until now.

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"Probably one of my favorite scenes from @alwayssunnyfxx," bmore said on Instagram. "I'm proud to install my depiction of #ongogablogian. May our Lord and savior @dannydevito0 watch over the Philadelphians!"

The scene in question is from season 11's "Dee Made a Smut Film," in which the Gang ponders the question of what constitutes art.

"Look at us, we're just air conditioners. I mean, after all, we're just walking around the planet, breathing, conditioning the air," Gablogian famously said, and truer words were never spoken. 

It's amazing that, as series creator Rob McElhenney recently admitted, there was a time early on that the "Always Sunny" cast resisted bringing Danny DeVito into the fold.

In these uneasy times, Danny DeVito hanging from a power line is exactly what Philadelphia needed.