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February 04, 2015

Delta now serving Starbucks coffee on all flights worldwide

Airline celebrating with contest for free flight

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02042015_DeltaStarbucks @MgJeps /Twitter

Delta is now serving Starbucks coffee on all of its flights worldwide.

Delta Air Lines announced Wednesday that it is now serving Starbucks coffee on board all of its flights worldwide.

"The move continues Delta's effort to partner with high-quality, like-minded brands in an effort to enhance the overall traveling experience for customers," the news release said.

Delta started serving Starbucks in 2013 on its West Coast shuttle routes between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO), as well as from New York's JFK International to LAX and SFO. 

In celebration of the partnership, Delta is giving away a free flight. 

Starting Wednesday, through Sunday, people who write a Delta destination on a coffee cup and post a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #DeltaCupContest will have the opportunity to win a free trip.

The entries are already growing.