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August 16, 2018

Hmmm, could all this activity be for Dîner en Blanc tonight?

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08162018_CityHall_DEB_Setup Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Workers set up Thursday morning for an event at Dilworth Park. Sure seems like something's cooking for later tonight...

Every year, part of the mystery surrounding Dîner en Blanc, the annual pop-up dinner that brings thousands to Philadelphia clad in all-white attire to eat and drink al fresco, has one big mystery: location, location, location.

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The location for this year's dinner, which kicks off tonight around 7 p.m., won't be officially revealed until just before the event begins. Despite the secrecy, some scoping out by PhillyVoice gives us reason to believe that guests will be sent to Dilworth Park with their chairs and tables this evening.

It's just a white-hot guess.

Barricades are already in place at plaza, as well as a small stage and tent in the City Hall courtyard, where more diners are expected to set up. Law enforcement officers on-site told PhillyVoice that all the activity was for a concert this evening, though the only event listed online for tonight is a Sisters City show on the Parkway.

08162018_White_tableclothsThom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Hmmmm ... white tablecloths are pressed and ready to go at Dilworth Park. Wonder what they could be for?

A man at Dilworth setting up the barricades told PhillyVoice that he couldn't reveal the nature of the event, and jokingly added that he would tell us, but then he'd have to kill us.

Another man at Dilworth, setting up equipment, said it was simply for an event around 6:30 tonight.

Another lawman on a bicycle told PhillyVoice the set-up was for an event with white tables and white tablecloths. (Indeed, we spotted a rack of freshly pressed white tablecloths sitting on site.) The event was using Dilworth Park and the City Hall courtyard, the sheriff said.

08162018_DEB_setup_CourtyardThom Carroll/PhillyVoice

The City Hall courtyard was closed Thursday morning as set-up continued for an event today. One unidentified law enforcement officer said it was an event with 'white tables and white tablecloths.'

It's possible they could need to use Love Park, too, to accommodate this year's 5,500 diners.

White tables and tablecloths? Strictly secretive barricade set-up?

Sounds like Dîner en Blanc is definitely not not at Dilworth Park.

08162018_DilworthPark_DEB_barricadeThom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Police barricades have been set up around Dilworth Park for an event today. One worker joked that he could tell our photographer what the event was, but that he'd have to kill him.

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