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October 22, 2018

Drake tops The Beatles for most Top 10 hits in a single year

Some music fans weren't happy

Drake just passed The Beatles in what will now be known as the greatest upset in 2018 for music fans over the age of 55.

The Canadian rapper's collaboration with Bad Bunny on “MIA” is set to launch at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 for Oct. 27. That would beat The Beatles' 54-year-old record for most Top 10 songs in a single year. The Beatles had 11 top 10 hit songs in 1964; "MIA" is Drake's 12th Top 10 hit this year, according to 

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While a lot of people are thrilled by this news, not everyone's happy. One Twitter user responded to the news, "Music is over, America canceled," while many others commented, "Tragic."


May we remind you that The Beatles still hold the record for sweeping the 'Top 5' in 1964, an accomplishment that still stands. (Mostly due in part to a massive release of singles all at once.) Not to mention, The Beatles still hold the record for most No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Also, there's that thing about The Beatles just being one of the biggest – and arguably the biggest – influence on 20th century popular music. So, look music fans who don't like Drake, it's 2018, times have changed. It's OK if Drake beats out The Beatles on this one thing. We have technology that didn't exist then; of course, these records will be broken at some point. (Also: Nirvana only had one Top 10 hit, and does that make them any less memorable?)  So, let's follow Paul McCartney's advice on this one and just "let it be."

Here's a look at Drake's 12 hits for 2018, and where they landed on the Billboard list:

No. 1 (11 weeks), "God's Plan," Feb. 3

No. 7, "Diplomatic Immunity," Feb. 3

No. 5, "Look Alive" (BlocBoy JB feat. Drake), March 3

No. 10, "Walk It Talk It" (Migos feat. Drake), April 14

No. 1 (eight weeks), "Nice for What," April 21

No. 6, "Yes Indeed" (Lil Baby & Drake), June 2

No. 2, "Nonstop," July 14

No. 7, "I'm Upset," July 14

No. 8, "Emotionless," July 14

No. 9, "Don't Matter to Me" (Drake feat. Michael Jackson), July 14

No. 1 (10 weeks), "In My Feelings," July 21

No. 5 (to date), "MIA," Bad Bunny feat. Drake, Oct. 27

And here's a look at The Beatles 11 hits for 1964:

No. 1 (seven weeks), "I Want to Hold Your Hand," Feb. 1

No. 3, "Please Please Me," March 14

No. 1 (two weeks), "She Loves You," March 21

No. 1 (five weeks), "Can't Buy Me Love," April 4

No. 2, "Twist and Shout," April 4

No. 2, "Do You Want to Know a Secret," May 9

No. 1 (one week), "Love Me Do," May 30

No. 10, "P.S. I Love You," June 6

No. 1 (two weeks), "A Hard Day's Night," Aug. 1

No. 1 (three weeks), "I Feel Fine," Dec. 26

No. 4, "She's a Woman," Dec. 26

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