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September 29, 2022

The Eagles just got their own 'Frosty Freeze-Out' deal with Wendy's

When the Birds hold opponents scoreless in the first quarter of home and road games, fans will be entitled to a free small Frosty

The Eagles are taking a chapter out of the Sixers' playbook for the rest of this season and upcoming years, striking a deal with Wendy's to give fans free small Frosties whenever the team keeps an opponent to zero points through the first quarter.

Needless to say, this is a brilliant move and a top-tier crowdpleaser for Philadelphia fans. There are few environments like the Wells Fargo Center during the second halves of games when opponents step to the free throw line. The crowd roars and the Wendy's mascot cutout waves behind the basket. The commotion makes no sense to those not in the know. National broadcasters often have to explain the situation to TV audiences.

The chaos in the arena has to screw with concentration at the line, and Sixers crowds go wild whenever a player misses both foul shots. It would be interesting to see the data on how many people actually redeem the small Frosty the next day. More than anything, the promotion gives the crowd and the team a psychological edge over the opponent. It also keeps fans in the game even if the Sixers are down by too much to recover in the fourth quarter. 

Dwight Howard loved the Frosty Freeze-Out promotion more than any other player to wear a Sixers uniform.

This new arrangement with the Eagles might be even more impactful in the context of a football game. Anything that gives the defense extra motivation for a good start is a huge plus. Instead of standing to the side for an opponent's free throws, Eagles defenders will be chomping at the bit. They'll have a more direct role in earning the Frosty Freeze-Out for the fans. 

“We are always looking for unique ways to engage with our passionate fanbase and are excited to bring the Wendy’s Frosty Freeze-Out to our gameday experience,” said Brian Napoli, the Eagles' vice president of corporate partnerships. “We look forward to building on our partnership, which will include Wendy’s serving as an associate partner of the Eagles Youth Football Academy.”

Notably, the promotion applies to both home games and away games, whereas the Sixers' deal with Wendy's only covers home games.

Fans who have downloaded the official Eagles Mobile App will be able to redeem their free small Frosty the day after the game by showing the in-app offer at participating Wendy’s locations in the Philadelphia tri-state region.

“Enjoying a Frosty is always a win for fans of all ages and we are excited to bring back the Frosty Freeze-Out tradition to Philadelphia," said Anthony Romeo, Philadelphia Wendy’s president. “The connection to the community through the Eagles Youth Football Academy is an opportunity for Wendy's to live our brand of making more family moments possible.”

The new promotion will be in effect this Sunday when former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and the Jacksonville Jaguars come to Lincoln Financial Field to face the 3-0 Birds. Look out, Trevor Lawrence.