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November 25, 2015

Eagles to (maybe) face the Rams in London in 2016

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Thanks for the non-news, NFL.

The NFL announced that the Eagles might be traveling to London next season to play the St. Louis Rams at Twickenham Stadium. It would be considered a road game for the Eagles. 

The Eagles' participation is dependent on whether or not they finish in the same place within the NFC East as the Rams do in the NFC West. Currently, both teams are in third place in their respective divisions. So thanks for the incomplete news, NFL.

The date set for the Eagles' possible overseas game is October 23, 2016.

The Eagles' 2016 opponents:

Home Away 
 Browns Ravens
 Steelers Bengals
 NFC South team TBD NFC West team TBD - If Rams, in London

I'd make a "Fish and Chips" joke here if I were sure Chip Kelly will be the Eagles' coach in 2016.

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