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May 17, 2018

Joe's Steaks recruits Federal Donuts, Stock's Bakery for excessively Philly specials

Food Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop
federal donuts joe's steaks Kylie Flett/PUNCH Media

Federal Donuts joins forces with Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop.

It’s only been five years since Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop finally ditched its long-running racial slur of a name, but the establishment itself is marking 70 years of slinging steaks in Philly beginning this month.

To commemorate its anniversary, the Torresdale Avenue shop, along with its three-year-old Fishtown outpost, will be rolling out specials every month over the next year that honor all of Philadelphia’s other quintessential foods and favorite businesses.

The results look … interesting.

To kick off the year of specials, customers can get a Birch Beer Milkshake, featuring ice cream from Little Baby’s Ice Cream, through the month of May.

In June is when things start to get real interesting, however. Federal Donuts has been tapped to create a donut cheesesteak, featuring two honey glazed donuts standing in for the traditional roll.

In the months ahead, you can also expect a coffee milkshake collab with La Colombe, a chocolate-covered potato chip milkshake featuring Herr’s, and even a pound cake cheesesteak featuring Stock’s Bakery.

Kylie Flett/PUNCH Media

The Pound Cake Cheesesteak featuring Stock's Bakery.

Kylie Flett/PUNCH Media

Chocolate-covered Potato Chip Milkshake featuring Herr's.

Take a look at the full calendar (and prices) of specials below:

• May 2018: Birch Beer Milkshake featuring Little Baby’s Ice Cream ($7.40)
• June 2018: Donut Cheesesteak featuring Federal Donuts ($9.25)
• July 2018: Why I Love Philly Milkshake featuring Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Peanut Chews, Tastykake, and pretzels ($7.40)
August 2018: Cherry Water Ice Milkshake featuring John’s Water Ice ($6.50)
September 2018: Coffee Milkshake featuring La Colombe and topped with Tastykake mini donuts ($7.40)
October 2018: Pretzel Cheesesteak with pretzel bun ($9.25)
November 2018: Scrapple Cheesesteak featuring scrapple, rib-eye, American cheese, and onions ($6.75 - $9.25)
December 2018: Cannoli Milkshake featuring Termini Brothers Bakery ($7.40)
January 2019: Kielbasa Cheesesteak featuring Czerw’s Kielbasy (6.75-$9.25)
February 2019: Chocolate-covered Potato Chip Milkshake featuring Herr’s ($6.50)
March 2019: Pound Cake Cheesesteak featuring Stock’s Bakery ($9.25)
April 2019: Butterscotch Krimpet Milkshake featuring Tastykake ($6.50)
Kylie Flett/PUNCH Media

Scrapple cheesesteak.

Kylie Flett/PUNCH Media

Cherry Water Ice milkshake featuring John's Water Ice.

Kylie Flett/PUNCH Media

Federal Donuts Cheesesteak.

Milkshakes will be available all month long, while other specials will be on sale every Tuesday while supplies last.