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November 05, 2015

Five Philadelphia comfort foods to soothe your soul

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Wedge + Fig Wedge + Fig/Facebook.

A mac and cheese, bacon-covered pie served at Wedge + Fig is the epitome of comfort food.

The term "comfort food" may conjure up the image of a grandmother tirelessly stirring a wooden spoon in a pot of homemade chowder.

Or a mom lovingly sprinkling breadcrumbs over a perfectly baked casserole dish of ooey gooey mac and cheese as her children quietly read nearby.

But let's face it: for most of us, life isn't so picturesque and a homemade dinner, despite our best intentions, doesn't always end up on the table. Or maybe cooking just isn't in your talent repertoire.

Don't give up your dream of a made-from-scratch comfort meal just yet. Philadelphia is home to plenty of culinary masterminds happy to have you at their dinner tables. 

Below are five comfort meals served at Philadelphia eateries. 

Paesano's Philly Style's Meatloaf Parmesan Sandwich

For $9, you can take a bite (well, several bites) out of Paesano's meatloaf parmesan sandwich: a crispy, fried Italian-style meatloaf smothered in red sauce and melted mozzarella on a roll. 

Paesano's is also known for its namesake sandwich, the Paesano, which is made with beef brisket, horseradish mayo, roasted tomatoes, pepperoncino, sharp provolone and a fried egg and was featured on Food Network on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay."

The Dandelion's Lamb Shepherd's Pie

The lamb shepherd's pie at The Dandelion, Stephen Starr's British-inspired gastropub, offers diners a contemporary take on a classic meal.

This dish of lamb, root vegetables, cheddar cheese and mashed potatoes will hit the spot when you're craving comfort.

The Mac Mart Cart's Classic 7 Cheese Mac’n Cheese

What's better than an eatery devoted to decadent mac and cheese? How about one on wheels. 

The Mac Mart is a food truck that puts a creative spin on mac and cheese dishes by adding toppings and sauces to create the ultimate bowl of cheesy goodness. 

For a schedule of locations and the full menu, click here.

Scratch Biscuits' BYOB (Build Your Own Biscuit)

Scratch Biscuits
(Photo courtesy Scratch Biscuits)

Scratch Biscuits' sandwiches start with a warm, flaky biscuit and just get better as ingredients are piled on. 

The Southern-style spot offers some staple sandwiches, like the Kentucky Klassic, with pimento cheese, pickles and country ham, as well as build-your-own options.

Wedge + Fig's Grilled Cheese Bar

Old City's Wedge + Fig features an extensive build-your-own bar that adds a little personal pizzazz to your plate. 
"From Quicke's Farmhouse cheddar to Fourme d'Ambert to Buttermilk Blue, our menu features the best of the world's cheeses," the restaurant's website reads.