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September 25, 2015

Five for Friday: Rachel Fogletto

Rachel Fogletto's comedy career came almost by accident.

A South Jersey native, she relocated to Philadelphia in 2008 for her master's degree in social work at the University of Pennsylvania before realizing the path was all wrong for her. Deriving some funny lines through her social work experience, though, she noticed people got a chuckle when she told her stories. So she trekked down uncharted territory and toured the Philly nightlife circuit, performing poems and doing stand-up, and eventually discovering self-deprecating humor about her sex life was the real mammoth hit with audiences. She's been taking to the mic for quips, feminist commentary and stall talk ever since. 

Below, a chat with 27-year-old Fogletto about "edgy" comedy, Donald Trump and what her plan is for Popeocalypse. You can catch her stand-up routine at Chhaya on Oct. 3, Bob and Barbara's on Oct. 6 and Franky Bradley's on Oct. 8.

What kind of comedy do you consider ‘edgy’?

Anything that makes people uncomfortable, but for a reason they don't quite know why. A lot of people who complain about this "PC" business are making jokes about throwing their pregnant girlfriend down the stairs, and getting mad that no one thinks it's funny. Like, please, stop being so anti-woman. I am perfectly capable of throwing myself down a flight of stairs -- I don't need a man to do it for me.

How often do people walk out during your sex stories? Does Philly’s comedy scene feel conservative, or does that kind of material go over well?

I've never had anyone walk out. (To my knowledge!)

I find that, for the most part, I get a lot of older women -- when I say "older" I mean late 20s to 50s and beyond -- coming up to me to thank me for saying that stuff. I talk about the awkward stuff that happens during sex. ... Plus, most experienced women have had weird sex, so we tend to share that common ground. It's pleasantly surprising how many people really appreciate the dirty stuff. It's kind of beautiful.

As a feminist comedian, what do you think of Donald Trump?

As a feminist comedian, I have to limit my thinking or I risk getting kicked out of both clubs. I think Donald Trump would look sexy on a "Missing" poster.

What grinds your gears during your daily commute?

Pretty much everything, because I wake up too late to make and ingest coffee before taking the bus. I hate the people who jump ahead of you to get on the bus when you were waiting first; I hate any person who tries to make conversation with me about anything; I hate the sounds of post-hipster parents speaking calmly to their misbehaved kids instead of hitting them. And the occasional smell of poop.

What are your plans for this weekend’s Popeocalypse?

Refilling my Xanax prescription. Hoarding wine. Getting laid.