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November 11, 2016

The Flyers tried to convince Eric Lindros to make a comeback five years after he retired

Back in 2012, the Flyers hosted the New York Rangers at Citizens Bank Park for the NHL's Winter Classic. Two days before the actual game, which the Rangers won 3-2, a bunch of alumni from the two teams played an exhibition game in front of a packed house at CBP.

A good time was had by all, and there were two major highlights: 1. Bernie Parent starting the game in net at the age off 66. 2. Eric Lindros reuniting with John LeClair and Mark Recchi (Mikael Renberg couldn't make it, unfortunately). Lindros found LeClair for the game's first goal to the delight of the Philly crowd:

It was a thrill for most fans simply to see two thirds of the Legion of Doom reunite, but believe it or not, Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren was thinking bigger. Much bigger. As ESPN's Pierre LeBrun found out, Holmgren offered Lindros a spot with the Flyers five years after he retired:

"[Former Flyers GM] Paul Holmgren called me after the outdoor game and started talking gibberish about cap space and things like that in Philadelphia," Lindros said with a chuckle. "We were playing in that baseball stadium, and I think he had the worst seat in the house. He was up in the bleachers or something, I don't know what game he was watching. I don't know what game he was watching, but I got a call. And [I thought]: 'Geez, are you kidding me?'"

Holmgren, now president of the Flyers, confirmed via text message to ESPN on Friday that he indeed made the offer to Lindros and that he was serious, too.

"Thought he would be a good trade-deadline addition," Holmgren said.

Speaking for us all, Lindros' initial response was, "Are you nuts?"

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