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January 15, 2016

Four spots for authentic pierogies in Philly

Polish dumplings to satisfy your cravings

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Pierogies Port Richmond Czerw's Kielbasa/Facebook

Pierogies from Czerw's Kielbasa.

For the Polish at heart, a good pierogi is a simple meal on its own: dough with cheese and possibly sauerkraut, potato or meat as fillings.

It's a staple food for those of Eastern European descent, especially for Pennsylvanians. But you don't need your grandmother's cooking to enjoy an authentic sampling of the dish. Here are four spots in Philly for delicious pierogies.

The Pierogie Kitchen

648 Roxborough Ave.

The Pierogie Kitchen/Facebook

A PK Stacker from The Pierogie Kitchen.

Spelling the name of the dish with an extra "e," The Pierogie Kitchen not only has them ready to serve hot at their Roxborough location but offers their delicious treats frozen and ready to cook at home. They've got several varieties including buffalo blue chicken and broccoli chicken, and you can try one of their PK Stackers, like the spicy chicken which comes with a jalapeño pierogi, chicken breast and bacon on a Kaiser roll.

Pierogi Factory

9965 Bustleton Ave.

Have you ever wondered what a pierogi filled with blueberries tastes like? The Pierogi Factory has you covered. They also offer seasonal dishes, like their pierogi filled with turkey and stuffing and covered in cranberry sauce and gravy, something they offered this past Thanksgiving. They also deliver. Let your mouth water while watching their cooks at work in the above video. 

Krakus Market

3150 Richmond St.

In addition to their handmade pierogies, this Polish supermarket offers a number of other traditional dishes with a small cafe area to sample your treats. Other Polish foods they offer include Kielbasa, Golabki (stuffed cabbage) and traditional pastries like Babka. Plus, what better to wash it all down than a traditional Polish beer? They've got a number of select brews that you're unlikely to find at your local distributor.

Czerw's Kielbasa

3370 Tilton St.

Czerw's Kielbasa/Facebook

Pierogies from Czerw's Kielbasa.

Yelp users describe the pierogies at Czerw's as the "tastiest" and even "sinful." Repentance is probably worth ordering a package of their Polish dumplings, which come in varieties that include pepperoni and Philly cheesesteak. If you're planning on nabbing a package for a party or just personal consumption, you want to give them a 5-day advance notice in your order, as their pierogies are subject to availability.