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December 12, 2017

Get over Wentz grief and get hype with this Foles/'Star Wars' mashup video, Eagles fans

Yeah, I know, this sucks.

I, like many of you, have spent the last 48 hours or so in a daze of depression, hoping Carson Wentz's torn ACL was the product of some cruel, days-long nightmare we'd all soon wake up from.

Well, it isn't. Wentz — by all accounts, an incredible young man well-suited for adversity — at least appears to be in good spirits. The same can't be said for Eagles fans; some have been in literal tears after losing an MVP-candidate quarterback for a season many had Super Bowl hopes for as an ending.

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Again, trust me, I know: This sucks. (And don't forget, this stinks way more for Wentz than for us, by the way.) But it's time to man/woman the expletive up, Birds fans. Wentz will be back eventually, possibly even sooner than expected next year. For now, we've got an 11-2 team, a possible first round bye and home-field advantage in throughout the playoffs, a suffocating defense and a capable run game.

And then there's Nick Foles. A backup quarterback at this point in his career for a reason, no doubt. Will he ever be able to tap into the 27-touchdowns-and-two-interceptions version of himself we all saw in 2013? Who knows? But damn it, let's at least try and believe, guys.

To help you attempt to keep the feeling alive for the rest of the season, here's a mashup video of Foles highlights and something else I am very excited for this week: "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." In the trailer for "Star Wars: The Last QB Trailer," from YouTube user Greg Stravous, Foles returns as starting quarterback in Philadelphia to fulfill his destiny and deliver the Eagles a Super Bowl, much like Rey appears destined to do for the Jedi order in the new "Star Wars" film. It's truly brilliant.

So, if you're still feeling crappy about losing our baby Wentz, watch the above video a few times. Go take a walk. See the new "Star Wars" when it's released in theaters this coming weekend. And on Sunday against the Giants, put all your faith in ol' Nick Foles. He's our only hope.

(h/t, NBC Sports Philadelphia