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October 25, 2016

GoFundMe account created to pay for Penn State riot; damage estimate raised to $30,000

Riots Investigations
102316_PSULIght Carter Walker/Twitter

Rioters knock over street lamp after Penn State's victory over Ohio State on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

Police are still investigating a riot on the campus of Penn State University as one student starts a campaign to raise money for damages.

The State College Police Department released a statement Tuesday asking for witnesses to come forward with information about crimes committed during the riot.

After the Penn State football team unexpectedly knocked off second-ranked Ohio State, 24-21, on Saturday, as many as 10,000 fans flooded the streets to celebrate the victory.

However, police said the crowd, which consisted mostly of college-age men and women, caused an estimated $30,000 in damages. Several small fires were started while street lights and signs were vandalized.

Police needed approximately two hours to clear the streets.

Several arrests are currently pending, but authorities are still gathering photos and video of the incident. Anyone with potential evidence is urged to submit it to

Meanwhile, one student is hoping a GoFundMe account will help repair the damage caused by the riot.

The page was created by Chris Landolfi on Tuesday when the damage was initially estimated at $18,000. He wrote:

"As proud as I am of what the football team accomplished, I am embarassed of what happened next. Students rallied in the streets and managed to cause $18,000 worth of damage to public property.

What was a very high moment for the university turned into a low one very quickly. Please join me in donating to help repair State College. All proceeds will go to the Downtown State College Improvement District.

Any amount is appreciated and I thank you guys so much for helping out, especially if you were not even involved in the craziness of Saturday night!!!

As Penn State now is a nationally ranked team, more and more eyes are looking on our university. Let's show everyone that while Penn State knows how to have a good time, we're still respectful of the town we live in."

So far, 26 people have donated $905 as of Tuesday night.