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August 14, 2019

New acupressure mat said to banish stress in a mere 15 minutes

192 stimulators trigger a whopping 4,800 pressure points

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gorelax acupressure mat Photo courtesy/GoReleax

It’s hard to turn a corner without hearing someone talking about how millennials — and everybody else, for that matter – are overstressed.

While different people use different tactics to manage their stress – working out and meditation come to mind – a new product just requires you to lay down.

GoRelax is an acupressure mat that its creators say can wash away stress in a 15-minute recline.

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Currently in its Kickstarter phase, the Chicago-based product has raised nearly $124,000 from 1,141 “backers.”

GoRelax’s mission is to “help promote self-care and healthy living by providing a tool to relax anywhere you want.”

The mat features 192 lotus flower-shaped stimulators that, when laid upon, trigger a whopping 4,800 pressure points in the body to help increase circulation and reduce muscle tension. It is said to replicate the relaxation of therapeutic massage.

Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture — just without the needles. Typically, acupressure involves applying pressure manually to specific points in the body to relieve a wide range of conditions, including headache, cancer-related symptoms and menstrual cramps, according to Very Well Health.

GoRelax will certainly not be the first acupressure mat on the market, but it has made strides in design. It splits into three parts, so you can each section on different parts of the body, for example. It is available in a number of colors.

The GoRelax product is not yet for sale yet, but you can score some deals and reserve your mat by contributing to their Kickstarter

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