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Bullying a common precursor before LGBTQ youth suicides, Yale study finds

LGBTQ youth bullying

Health Stories

The COVID-19 crisis is giving people vivid dreams – but what do they mean?

COVID Dreaming

Mental Health

How to listen with empathy when you are feeling the strain of social distancing

COVID-19 conflict resolution

Adult Health

Stressful times are particularly dangerous for heart attack survivors, study finds

Times of stress can trigger a second heart attack, new study finds

Mental Health

PTSD symptoms common in first year after a traumatic injury

PTSD symptoms common in first year after trauma

Mental Health

Transcendental meditation soothes anxiety by changing connections in the brain

Meditation anxiety stress

Mental Health

Snapchat launches new mental health tool to help users affected by cyberbullying, depression

Snapchat Mental Health depression

Healthy Eating

Millennials feel social pressure and anxiety to eat well

Del Monte study on healthy eating


Have a heart-healthy holiday season

Heart-healthy holidays

Mental Health

Here's how to alleviate the stress of the holiday season in a healthy way

Holiday Stress Tips


Most Americans find their jobs stressful – here's how to survive at work

Surviving a stressful job


How to identify stress triggers and coping techniques

Psychology, solitude, fear or mental health problems concept

Mental Health

Four-day work week increased productivity by 40%, Microsoft says

Four-day work week productivity burnout

Mental Health

Stress-related disorders, like PTSD, may increase risk for serious infection

ptsd infections stress


Five tips to keep you from burning out

Stressed person at work

Mental Health

CHOP study finds potential blood-based biomarker for PTSD



New acupressure mat said to banish stress in a mere 15 minutes

gorelax acupressure mat

Mental Health

Digital games may help ease stress better than mindfulness apps, new study says

Mental Health

Interactive mental health exercises coming to stressed, unhappy Pinterest users

pinterest interactive mental health exercises

Mental Health

‘Climate grief’: Fears about the planet’s future weigh on Americans’ mental health

Sad Planet Flickr 07192019


Philadelphia ranks among most stressful U.S. cities to live in, survey says

Philadelphia stressful city

Men's Health

Learn to manage stress – because there’s no winding down

Man Job Stress 06262019


Why do people faint?

The Fainting by Pietro Longhi 06202019


Daily stressors can result in scalp tension — here's what you should know

stress scalp tension


The stress antidote you've been looking for may be lurking in dirt

dirt bacteria stress

Adult Health

'Burn-out' is real medical condition, the World Health Organization now says

Burn-out WHO diagnosis


Five ways to lower your blood pressure



Why some doctors are prescribing a day in the park or a walk on the beach for good health

Nature Flora 05012019

Adult Health

Just 16 minutes of sleep loss can harm work concentration the next day

Man Yawn 04302019


A dose of nature is all the medicine you need when feeling stressed

Stock_Carroll - Wissahickon Valley Park Hiking

Mental Health

Some people loathe ASMR, while others can't even experience it

asmr doesn't work


Natural remedies for dealing with anxiety

Woman meditating on a mat


The fascinating way weighted blankets work their magic

weighted blanket gravity blanket amazon


Pyt: the Danish word the world needs to combat stress



Treat yourself to a trip to the spa: Sitting in the sauna boasts a ton of health benefits

sauna health benefits flickr


Millennials' stress is physically manifesting in this part of the body

stress unsplash


The most common ways people get sick

Woman on couch not feeling well

Mental Health

A new study discovered a really romantic method of overcoming stress

relationship pexels


How to cut the stress out of your new exercise regimen

Woman running in winter weather


Is there such a thing as good stress?

Sitting at Desk with Sunlight


Five ways to relieve stress in one minute

Overwhelmed while working at desk


Here's to a Merry (blended) Christmas

Baby Christmas blurred

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