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Mental Health

When the weather gets hot, tempers also tend to flare

Hot Weather Thermometer


A new job benefit aims to help Philly workers improve their well-being

Philly City Hall

Mental Health

How much stress is too much? A psychiatrist explains how toxic levels lead to poor health − and how to get help

Toxic Stress Health

Mental Health

What is resilience? A psychologist explains the main ingredients that help people manage stress

Resilience Stress

Men's Health

For some men, rewriting the 'holiday script' may prove beneficial to their mental well-being

Holiday Stress Men

Mental Health

The holidays can be demanding; here's how to reduce stress

Holiday stress


The differences between stress, anxiety, and depression

Purchased - Depressed person laying in bed on mobile phone

Alternative Medicine

Microdosing psychedelic mushrooms may reduce stress and compulsivity, new study shows

Alternative Medicine

Is ashwagandha a natural stress reliever? What to know about the Ayurvedic health remedy

Ashwagandha Benefits

Men's Health

Change is inevitable, so when it arrives, embrace the chance to pivot

Change Opportunity Adapt

Mental Health

Smartphone use actually increases when people visit city parks, study finds

Smartphone Use Parks

Mental Health

Too much stress can impair memory and cognitive function; here's how to better manage it

Stress cognitive function

Mental Health

Working from home and missing your old commute? There are psychological reasons for that

Commute Remote Work

Mental Health

To reduce stress levels in the new year, try sleeping more, adopting a hobby and other strategies

Stress Management Strategies

Mental Health

To reduce holiday stress, set realistic expectations, plan ahead and laugh often

Holiday Stress

Adult Health

Marital stress may slow your recovery from a heart attack, study finds

Marital distress and heart attack recovery


Stop nightmares and get a better night's sleep with these strategies

Nightmare prevention

Mental Health

Bird songs are more than pleasant chirping – the sound boosts mental well-being, scientists say

Birds mental health

Mental Health

Toxic workplaces can adversely impact employees' health, U.S. Surgeon General warns

Healthy Eating

Many Americans struggle with stress eating, but there are ways to overcome it

Stress eating


Helpful tips for de-escalating stress in your life

Purchased - Man sitting on the couch relaxed


A sense of purpose can be hard to find, but it's linked to many health benefits

Sense of purpose

Senior Health

Stress can affect biological aging – but there are ways to help slow it down

Stress and immune system


Young people who drink alone are more likely to develop alcoholism later in life, study shows

Drinking alone


A negative outlook on life may be affecting your health – being optimistic could help


Mental Health

Struggling with FOMO? Muting your smartphone may make it worse

FOMO smartphone addiction

Mental Health

Feeling anxious about returning to the office? There are ways to smooth the transition

Back to office anxiety

Mental Health

Therapy on the go: Mildly depressed or simply stressed, people are tapping apps for mental health care

Cell phone

Mental Health

Chronic stress can often lead to burnout, but there are effective ways to manage it

Burnout and your health


Parents play an important role in teaching children how to manage anxiety

Child experiencing anxiety


Exercise particularly boosts heart health of people with anxiety or depression, study finds

Exercise Heart Health

Health News

Americans are stressed about inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, survey finds

Stress Survey APA


Why does experiencing 'flow' feel so good? A communication scientist explains

Feel Flow Snowboarding

Mental Health

Persistent anxiety as a child may lead to psychosis as a young adult, new research shows

Childhood Anxiety Treatment

Men's Health

Gratitude provides a pathway to better health and well-being

Grandfather Grandson Gratitude

Women's Health

Stress a greater trigger for excessive drinking in women than men, healthy routines can help

Excessive drinking in women

Mental Health

Go ahead, enjoy your memes – they really do help ease pandemic stress

COVID-19 Memes Stress


PHL brings therapy dogs to the airport to ease and entertain travelers

Wagging Tails Brigade


It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine. But is it really?

Portrait of irritated girl with brunette hair covering ears

Mental Health

The neuroscience behind why your brain may need time to adjust to ‘un-social distancing’

Adult Health

Reducing stress may reverse graying hair — at least temporarily

Prevent gray hair

Health News

Thomas Jefferson University projects to be conducted as part of first private mission to International Space Station

Jefferson Space Mission

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