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June 01, 2017

GQ names local brew best craft beer in Pennsylvania

Craft beer tourism is a very real thing in no small part because of Philadelphia's leadership in promoting the festivities of Beer Week, which officially kicks off today, in case you wish to partake.

We all have nights when Miller Lite will suffice, or afternoons when we shuffle around in wonderment at the bottle shop, but when it comes to discovering a great new beer to try out, recommendations are always welcome.

This week, GQ published a list of the best craft beer each state has to offer, choosing a local brewer for their Pennsylvania selection.

Ambler-based Forest & Main Brewery got the nod for its Lunaire Saison, a seasonal farmhouse ale containing 5 percent alcohol by volume.

One reviewer at Beer Advocate described Lunaire Saison as follows:

Aroma is a pleasant mix of peach, lemon, white grape, and a touch of funk. Taste is more of the same. And delicious. A zesty medley of sweet, tart and lightly sour with the funk somewhat subdued but present throughout. There are some light grassy hop notes, but no real bitterness. Body is light and crisp and finishes clean and dry.

Philadelphia-area brewers have received welcome praise recently, including a place on Mental Floss' top 50 brewers in America for Yards Brewing Company and Victory Brewing Company.

Philly Beer Week starts tonight at 7 p.m. with an Opening Tap event at the Fillmore. Check out a full list of events through June 11 here.