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April 16, 2020

Restless Gritty nails impressive bounce tricks during coronavirus quarantine

The Flyers mascot tried the latest trend taking over social media

When the Philadelphia Flyers hatched Gritty in the fall of 2018, they hardly knew he'd be tasked with providing comic relief in a time of crisis.

Over the past month, Gritty has sprung into action during the coronavirus pandemic, attempting to make us laugh when so much of what's happening is devastating, stressful and out of our direct control.

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On Thursday, Gritty fought his boredom – and provided entertainment for us – by imitating the countless videos circulating of people trying to bounce ping pong balls into solo cups using strategically arranged pots and pans. Trick shots of all kinds have become the standard for hitting the rock bottom of cabin fever. 

There's no telling how many attempts this took, but Gritty made it look pretty effortless. The sound effects are pretty mesmerizing, too.

But let's not forget all those who shared their absurd trick shots on social media before Gritty. Here's a look at some of the videos that got this trend rolling: