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May 06, 2015

The Hamburglar is back at McDonald's, with a makeover

The Hamburglar is back at McDonald's. The company, which has been attempting new ways to grab younger customers including breakfast bowls containing kale, has brought back the masked hamburger thief following a cold response from Wall Street regarding CEO Steve Easterbrook's vision to turn the company around.

But this isn't the same portly cartoon character that first appeared in the fast food franchises' marketing campaigns in the 1970's, who would comically fail in his attempts to steal Ronald McDonald's picnic lunch.

Instead, the company has given the character a makeover. Now, the Hamburglar is a young adult male with five o'clock shadow and a hipper, albeit still silly, costume.

The company teased the Hamburglar's return in a T.V. commercial. 
Many Twitter users have already commented on the new mascot's attractive qualities.
Some joked that the marketing ploy would lead to someone trying to give the character's new look a broader context on what the makeover means.
Sure enough, Entertainment Weekly published a piece called "The new Hamburglar is hot, and that's kind of a problem" on Wednesday afternoon. However the piece was satirical in nature, poking fun at the supposed issues with the new version of the Hamburglar.
Most of all, the problem here is that New Hamburglar just looks like he has it all together, which is absolutely not the message I’m taking with me when I find myself back at McDonald’s. If New Hamburglar is saying, “You can have McDonald’s and have it all,” Old Hamburglar said, “I’m just doing the best that I can.”

The real question now, of course, is when McDonald's will introduce a new version of Grimace.