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August 22, 2015

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Ravens preseason game

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082215_Suggs-Ref_AP Matt Rourke/AP

Ravens LB Terrell Suggs argues with a referee.

The Eagles are now two games deep into the preseason, and once again they performed in style, blowing out the always-talented Baltimore Ravens, 40-17. Win or lose, as always, our 10 post-game awards!

1) The Didn't Die Award: Sam Bradford

Bradford looked, eh... OK as a quarterback. He had a nice throw to Jordan Matthews, was a little off on a couple others. No worries -- after watching him for three weeks in practice, I have no doubts about his accuracy. The thing that was more concerning was whether Bradford would survive a hit. And he survived two!

2) The Scumbag Award: Terrell Suggs

Sam Bradford clearly handed the ball off to Darren Sproles, made no indication like he was running with the football, and Terrell Suggs hit him in his surgically repaired knee.

This isn't the first time Suggs has gone after another player's knees. This is abhorrent:

And after the game ... 

Fine the living hell out of this scumbag, Rog.

3) The Ruh Roh Award: Mark Sanchez

Sanchez's numbers (14-20-118-0-0-85.0) don't look bad, but his actual play did. Sanchez consistently had receivers running wide open, and he was either missing them completely or not putting the ball in a place where they could maximize their yards after the catch. Sanchez also didn't see several wide open receivers, such as Nelson Agholor and Kenjon Barner, who both got behind the defense down the sideline on consecutive plays.

4) The preseason domination award: The Eagles

If the NFL awarded Lombardi trophies after Week 2 of the preseason, there'd be a parade going down Broad Street right now. In games against two of the best teams in the AFC, the Eagles have outscored their opponents 76-27.

5) The "OK, We're Impressed But Clean It Up" Award: Nelson Agholor

Agholor's talent is undeniable, but he had a pair of drops last week against the Colts, and a defender ripped the ball away from him against the Ravens. Agholor was bailed out by a penalty on the defense on his fumble, but he won't always be that lucky. He has to correct those mental lapses before the coaching staff is going to trust him on the field.

6) The Peter Brady Award: Referee Jerome Boger

Poor Jerome had no voice, and was squeaking his way through penalty announcements all night like a pre-pubescent teen. The Ravens didn't do him any favors by committing 17 penalties, led by two on the opening drive by the aforementioned scumbag Terrell Suggs.

7) The Made the Team Award: Kenjon Barner

When you return two punts for touchdowns in consecutive weeks, there's a pretty good chance you're going to make the team. 

8) The "Hates Kenjon Barner" Award: Raheem Mostert

The Eagles' four running backs this season are going to be DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, and Kenjon Barner, or so it would appear. That would leave Raheem Mostert as the odd man out, which is a shame. Mostert has done a really nice job catching the ball out of the backfield and has run the ball effectively as well. Against the Ravens, Mostert led the Eagles with 98 yards from scrimmage. He's a good bet for the practice squad.

9) The North-South Award: DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews

Murray and Mathews each ran through gaping holes for a red zone TDs, but their running styles were evident against the Ravens -- see hole, hit hole.

10) My new favorite kicker: Kip Smith

Sorry, Cody Parkey and every kicker ever. My new favorite kicker is Kip Smith. I could watch that dude crush wobbly line drives that don't look like they were good but somehow were, all day. Chip Kelly said Smith was doing his best Tim Wakefield impersonation. Personally, I thought he kicked like Tim Tebow throws... with awesomeness.

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