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February 01, 2018

Here's what dumb Patriots fans are saying about the Eagles behind your back

One thing that's become obvious in recent years is that Patriots fans are a confident bunch. For the most part, it's earned – that viral photo of the young New England fan boasting all their titles is proof enough. 

Philly hasn't faced off against a Boston team in the finals of any pro sports since the Eagles and Patriots last met in the 2005 Super Bowl, back when this recent run of Boston championships was just getting underway. 

And while their confidence has grown over their years, their creativity and originality when it comes to mocking opponents hasn't – not that Philly fans would know. Evidence of this can quickly be found on social media.

Don't believe me? That's probably because you haven't seen any of these posts that are out there. Most fans follow other like-minded fans, so there's it's not likely that memes circulating on Patriots Twitter or in fan groups on Facebook would make it to your timeline without you searching them out.

Well, now you don't have to. We've gathered some of the best (worst) attempts at sh*t-talking we've seen from Pats fans in the run-up to Super Bowl LII:

Good one, Patriots fans.

Just a couple things:

  1. No offense, but in what world is Vince Papale the best Eagles player ever? His story is great, but he's not even in the top 50. Good football knowledge.
  2. There are any number of Eagles fans more famous than Mark Wahlberg.
  3. Mark Wahlberg is from Boston, as you might know if you've ever seen any of his movies. You can keep him.

Let's move on.

Right, because your team is plenty hatable on its own, without help from its arrogant fans. No one likes you.

Here's a look at what you'll see if you head up to Foxboro, Mass. this weekend, although I have no earthly idea why you'd do that.

That's not the worst attempt we've seen, although it's certainly not the most original. And that's just the start. The entire town center, according to, is filled with signs like that.

Not all, however, are directly taking direct shots at the Eagles.

Don't worry, this Philly billboard came back strong.

Even churches in New England are taking shots at the Eagles...

The bible says a lot of things. 

Counterpoint: Goats eat garbage. Eagles eat goats. And they kill them by throwing them off mountains. 

That has about as much relevance as the number of times the bible mentions goats.

One thing, however, on which both fan bases can agree? Dallas sucks.

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