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January 23, 2020

Two homemade pipe bombs found in Chester County's Caln Township

One of the explosive devices detonated near a railroad underpass, but no one was injured, police say

Two pipe bombs have been found about half-mile apart in Caln Township, Chester County, this week, prompting a police investigation. 

A U.S. postal worker discovered an undetonated bomb on Tuesday at 14th Avenue and Olive Street, a residential street corner, Caln Township Police said in a press releaseThe Montgomery County Bomb Squad, which handles situations with explosives in Montgomery, Chester and Bucks counties, safely removed the device, AP reported.

A similar, detonated bomb was found later near a railroad underpass at South Caln Road and Olive Street, police said. That location is less than one mile from where the first bomb was found.

No one was hurt by the detonated bomb and there did not appear to be any property damage, as a result of the explosion. Police said the bomb exploded around 3 p.m. Monday, but they did not learn of the explosion until it was reported Wednesday by a person who had read about the discovery of the undetonated bomb.

Both devices appeared to be "homemade" and were similar in size and construction, police added.

Dion Carotenuto, the letter carrier who discovered the undetonated bomb, is being celebrated as a hero. That device was found near a bus stop for school children. Carotenuto possibly prevented harm to the kids. 

Police said they are not yet ready to call the pipe bomb discoveries a pattern. They have not identified any suspects or a motive. 

The population of Caln Township was 13,817 according to the 2010 Census. The suburban township is connected to Philadelphia by SEPTA's regional rail.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Caln Township Police at (610) 383-1821. Anyone who finds a suspicious device or possible bomb should call 911 and not attempt to handle it.