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May 19, 2022

How Independence Blue Cross members can save money on medical bills

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When you’re looking for ways to reduce spending, medical bills may not seem like an expense you can save on. But if you’re an Independence Blue Cross member, you can save up to 13% on medical care costs with AblePay Health (Ablepay).

AblePay can help you save money on out-of-pocket medical costs, including copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Independence members can use AblePay at no cost as part of their health plan.

Choose the Payment Plan That Works for You

How much you save with AblePay is determined by the payment method and terms you select. You’ll see the biggest savings when you pay your bill in one payment through your bank account (checking, savings, or health savings account (HSA)*). You can also pay with a credit, debit, or HSA/FSA card. All payment plan options offer 0% interest.

Here are all the payment options and discounts available:

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Even though there is not a cost-savings with the 12-payment option, you’ll still have an interest-free payment plan for larger medical bills. Plus, AblePay will prorate the balance if you decide to pay it off early, so you can save money!

Learn How to Use AblePay

First, you’ll need to enroll online with AblePay. It takes less than five minutes! You’ll get an AblePay ID card in the mail.

During enrollment, you can add your family members or anyone else whose medical bills you pay. Then choose your preferred payment method and payment term. But don’t worry — you can adjust these on every medical bill as needed.

Show both your Independence ID card and AblePay ID card at your next health appointment. Check out the growing list of providers who currently accept AblePay. Your provider will send Independence a bill, the claim will be processed, and you’ll be sent an Explanation of Benefits (or EOB) for the visit. The only difference is you won’t get a bill directly from your provider. Instead, you’ll get a notification from AblePay.

If you get a bill from your provider, or forgot to show your AblePay ID card, you can simply upload a copy of the bill to your AblePay member account. If necessary, AblePay will reach out to your provider to help get the claim processed.

Other Advantages of Using AblePay

Saving money on medical bills is a huge perk! But there are also other advantages of using AblePay:

• One convenient place to store and pay medical bills
• Help understanding medical bills, including AblePay billing advocates who will contact the provider’s billing department to save you time
• Interest-free, flexible payment options for every bill

Learn More and Enroll

Saving money feels good, and Independence wants you to have that feeling every time you pay medical bills. Enroll in AblePay now, and pay less the next time you get health care services.

Learn more and enroll.

*HSAs can be used as a payment method if you have access to an account and routing number.

The products listed are offered by AblePay Health, an independent company. These are not Blue Cross or Blue Shield products. Independence Blue Cross is acting solely as an agent for AblePay. AblePay is solely responsible.

This content was originally published on IBX Insights.

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