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May 29, 2015

ICYMI in May: Peaceful parenting, springtime in Philly and an open letter to Ruben Amaro

15 regional PhillyVoice stories that matter

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15 need-to-know May stories from

Spring has finally arrived and with it a slew of fresh ideas. Innovators are finding new ways to tackle diseases, whether through medicine or mood-lifting messages. Pop-up parks, beer gardens and new restaurants are popping up in full bloom all over Philadelphia. PhillyVoice’s Jimmy Kempski had the Eagles’ draft covered from head to toe, from pre-draft speculation to the actual selections to analysis of the Birds’ moves.

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A heroin victim's warning to the world

The following poem by Natalie Cribari, titled "Heroin," was included in the Pennsylvania State Coroners Association's 2014 Report on Overdose Statistics. It was written by the young Harrisburg-area woman on Christmas Day 2005 – three months before she died of a heroin overdose at the age of 20 – to warn others about the dangers of abusing drugs.

If Chip Kelly wants to halt racism allegations, he’ll cut Riley Cooper ASAP

Regular contributor Angelo Cataldi of the "WIP Morning Show" explained how Chip Kelly could halt allegations of racial bias on the Eagles once and for all.

Wharton MBA grad leading fight against rare disease - his own

David Fajgenbaum, who graduated with an MBA from Wharton on Sunday, May 17, was diagnosed with multicentric Castleman disease five years ago. Now, he's leading research efforts to find a cure for the immune system disorder. Photo by Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Penn's David Fajgenbaum is leading research efforts to find a cure. At his lowest point, Fajgenbaum’s condition grew so dire that a priest delivered last rites. After spending parts of six months in the hospital and undergoing various chemotherapy treatments, he rebounded and resumed his studies as a Penn medical student. But his fight against multicentric Castleman disease — an immune system disorder without a known cure — was only beginning.

America's parenting coach: Dr. Laura Markham on peaceful parenting practices

Dr. Laura Markham is a clinical psychologist based in New York City. Her following is large, growing, loyal and deeply appreciative of the “proven, research-based” information frequently shared on her impressive "Aha! Parenting" blog. Known for her helpful conversation scripts or dialogue templates, Markham draws upon cutting-edge discoveries relating to attachment theory and brain development. As more and more American parents move away from harmful parenting models that use force, control or coercion, Markham is America’s parenting coach whose time has come.

My Eagles 'Captain Hindsight' draft

Eagles writer Jimmy Kempski got tired of hearing everyone ask, “Well, what would you have done?” with the Eagles draft, so he went all "Captain Hindsight."

30 things that will definitely happen to you if you move to Philadelphia

Philadelphia skyline visit Philadelphia
The iconic Philadelphia skyline. Photo by B. Krist/ Visit Philadelphia™ 

You will obsess over the Eagles and never miss an Eagles/Cowboys game.You will discover a deep and undying love for "wooder ice." You will realize that only tourists eat at Pat’s and Geno’s and fall in love with the closest hole-in-the-wall cheesesteak place.

Made in America returning to Philly, pre-sale tickets available

Jay Z's Made in America music festival will be returning to Philadelphia, according to the concert's website. The festival, sponsored by Budweiser, is set for the weekend of Sept. 5 and 6. A lineup has not yet been announced.

Sixers only mock draft, version 1.0

The morning after the NBA Lottery, Rich Hofmann dusted off his crystal ball to predict which way the Sixers would go in the NBA Draft June 25. 

A college bar thrives in hardscrabble Chester

Maggie May's Campus Pub, 951 E. 14th St. in Chester. Photo by Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Maggie May's Campus Pub caters to Widener walk-ins. In a city that once hosted dozens of taverns, those left standing can now be counted on just two hands.

Cancer survivor provides empathy cards that say the right thing

Emily McDowell has launched a line of empathy cards on her website that attempt to give family and friends of those with cancer or other illnesses the ability to communicate more honestly and appropriately.

Dear Phillies: An open letter regarding Ruben Amaro, his 'plan' and the fans

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. Alex Brandon/AP

Ruben Amaro Jr. was in the news and, as usual, it was for all the wrong reasons. Matt Mullin addressed the comments made by the Phillies GM. 

Anthony Bourdain: Best cheesesteak might not be in Philly

In the newest episode of "Parts Unknown," Anthony Bourdain highlights several eateries in South Jersey, one of which is Donkey's Place in Camden. A teaser video for the episode hints that the joint's cheesesteaks may rival those of any location in Philly.

'Korean Wave' hits Center City with new restaurant

Chef Chris Cho makes a Ssambap, a combination of barbecued beef, rice and vegetables wrapped in a leaf of lettuce. Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Is it Korea's turn in the cuisine scene? Ask celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain what's hot in the American culinary world right now, and he'll point you straight to barbecue and bibimbap -- Korean dishes that, in Philadelphia especially, have only recently permeated the mainstream food vernacular.

Your guide to Philadelphia’s pop-up parks and beer gardens

Pop-up parks and beer gardens are beginning to spring up like dandelions throughout Philadelphia in what's become an annual tradition and tribute to summertime in the city.

Bet on it: Sam Bradford will be Philadephia's next big sports star

Regular contributor Angelo Cataldi closed out the month with a prediction column and said that this new Eagle will soon be the next big sports star in the city of Philadelphia.