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June 11, 2018

Joel Embiid makes appearance in NBA 'Bad Lip Reading'

Sixers star joins Russell Westbrook, Kristaps Porzingis, Jimmy Butler, Fergie and others in hilarious video

You've likely seen a video from "Bad Lip Reading" before, whether it be of the NFL or a presidential debate.

The popular YouTube channel finally released an NBA lip reading on Monday. It's predictably hilarious watching NBA stars talk in gibberish thanks to the voiceovers dubbed onto footage from this past season. 

Joel Embiid is the only Sixers player to make a cameo. The clip used in the video is actually when Embiid talked trash to Marcus Morris during the Eastern Conference semi-finals. Morris responded by reminding Joel that the the Boston Celtics were up 3-0 in the series at the time. 

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According to the "Bad Lip Reading" voiceover, this is what Embiid said to Morris:

"You are weak in the head. You're like a regular rock. You're not like a real estate guy. This is correct."

Honestly, would it even be surprising if Embiid had tweeted or said something as goofy as that?

Anyway, some other highlights from the NBA lip reading:

Russell Westbrook confronting fans
Kristaps Porzingis realizing how white he is
Jimmy Butler admiring his own hair
Fergie singing she pooped out glass

Watch the whole thing below. The Embiid bit is around 2:54.