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June 20, 2017

John Oliver calls Bill Cosby's 'Fat Albert' imitation 'one of the single weirdest moments of the year'

John Oliver had a lot of ground to cover during Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight" but took a quick second to address Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial, which ended in a mistrial Saturday.

"It has been another bewildering, busy week," he said on the HBO show. "Jeff Sessions testified, Trump seemingly admitted he was under investigation, Republican politicians and staffers were shot at by an idiot, there was a terrible verdict in the Philando Castile trial and no verdict at all in the Bill Cosby one, a case which incidentally supplied us with one of the single weirdest moments of the year."

The "Last Week" host was referencing Cosby's surprise "Fat Albert" impression in front of TV crews while leaving the Montgomery County Courthouse last week.

Crews recorded Cosby, who voiced "Fat Albert" in the cartoon that aired through the 1970s, shouting the main character's catchphrase, "Hey, hey, hey" on Tuesday. Cosby's trial on sexual assault charges ended over the weekend after jurors couldn't reach an agreement after more than 50 hours of deliberations.

"What are you doing? Shouting your character's catchphrase while you're on trial is a bizarre choice," Oliver said. "If Renee Zellweger was on trial for triple murder, it would be strange for her to shout, 'You had me at hello.'"

Oliver's main segment Sunday focused on coal, though he did face criticism from at least one commentator for "missing the mark" on the trial's coverage.

The 30-minute long show turned from Cosby to the American Health Care Act, which Oliver called a "different terrible bill."

Watch the segment below: