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April 02, 2018

Just as Pizzeria Beddia serves its final slices, owner talks waiting in lines on new podcast

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06232015_PizzeriaBeddia Pizzeria Beddia/

Pizza at Pizzeria Beddia at 115 E. Girard Ave.

Saturday marked the final day of business for Pizzeria Beddia’s original location in Fishtown.

In its last days, the shop garnered some of its most intense down-the-block lines, forming perhaps the fastest they ever have since 2015, when the shop was proclaimed America’s best pizza by Bon Appétit.

Ahead of the last pies made on Saturday, March 31, owner Joe Beddia appeared on Food52’s Burnt Toast podcast, a show now in its third season that covers food culture and community throughout the U.S. The topic of the latest episode, which aired March 29 entitled “The Longest Wait,” delves into the world of waiting in line for a coveted piece of grub.

“Well, if you’re the first person, it takes 15 minutes, and if you’re the 40th, it’s ready at 10:30. So that would be about five hours later,” Beddia says of the line for his pizza.

“So, for me, I want to take my time, have a lot of attention to detail, and do it in my own way and what I think is the right way. And that obviously takes time; I’m by myself.”

He goes on to talk some of the common waiting hacks he’s noticed at his shop before the podcast goes on to explore similarly coveted pizza in New York and the psychology behind waiting. If you’re looking for a new food-related wine to wait in, this podcast could help you out (and give you some helpful tactics for making the most of your time).

Check out the full episode here

Though Pizzeria Beddia is closed for now, Beddia promises a new (bigger) pizza shop in Fishtown later this year, which will presumably make getting a taste of the famous food a little easier.