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December 31, 2022

Camden County pasta company recalls frozen meals served in restaurants after possible listeria contamination

Although no one was infected by the bacteria restaurants in Philly, Puerto Rico, Harrisburg, Northeastern Pa. and Southeastern New York state were alerted to discard a combined 5,610 pounds of manicotti

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Listeria pasta outbreak Sorin Popa/Unsplash

Thousands of pounds of bulk pasta from Caesar’s Pasta in New Jersey were recalled after it tested positive for listeria. The pasta was not served to anyone. However, it was distributed to restaurants in Philadelphia. This is a stock photo of pasta and not the product that tested positive for the bacteria.

Ceasar's Pasta is recalling 5,610 pounds of frozen meals after a sample test revealed traces of listeria. 

The food service company, located in Blackwood, Camden County, NJ., issued the recall of its 10-pound bulk sizes of frozen manicotti, which was sold to several distributors and delivered to restaurants in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pa., New York, and San Juan, Pr.

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According to Ceasar's Pasta, no illnesses have been reported from the pasta served under the names Orefresco and Caesar's Pasta. The pasta had a best-used-by date of Sept. 24, 2024. The food should not be eaten without being cooked to 160-degree temperatures to burn away bacteria. 

Any customers who purchased the packages of pasta were notified to throw them away. According to a release from the FDA, there is an investigation to determine what caused the outbreak.

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Listeria is a bacteria found in deli meats, milk, cheeses, and raw or undercooked meats. According to the CDC, it has harsher effects on young children, pregnant women, and adults older than 65. Annually an estimated 1,600 people are infected, and 260 die. Some symptoms associated with the bacteria infection are fevers, severe headaches, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. 

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