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March 12, 2015

Lyft permitted to use older cars in Pa.

Service still illegal in Philly

While the Philadelphia Parking Authority continues to block ride-sharing services such as UberX and Lyft, another victory has been won for the former in the state of Pennsylvania. 

According to, The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission ruled Wednesday that Lyft would be allowed to use cars up to 10 years old, replacing the old standard of only being permitted to use cars up to eight years old. 

Despite Uber and Lyft continuing to make strides as accessible transportation services across the state, the PPA, which regulates taxi services in Philadelphia and not the PUC, continues to bar those services from Philly. However, both continue to operate in the city despite the ban.

Lyft entered Philadelphia with a promotion of 20 free rides for residents who signed up. Recently, the PPA enacted a new system for selling their taxi medallions in an attempt to make them cheaper and keep up with the illegal services.