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August 20, 2015

Mac Mart food truck announces upcoming restaurant

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08202015_MacMart Mac Mart Food Truck/Facebook

Mac Mart Food Truck announced it will open its own brick-and-mortar location.

Mac Mart Cart, Philadelphia's popular mac-and-cheese food truck, announced Wednesday its plans to open a restaurant location.

The new restaurant, which will be a small space with six to 10 seats, will open in the fall or winter of this year, owner Marti Lieberman told Philadelphia Business Journal.

"We want our customers from the truck to still know they're eating from the pink mac and cheese truck but with a more polished and refined vibe," she told the Philadelphia Business Journal. "We don't want people to have to search anymore. They travel all this way, they should be able to get it when they want it."

The menu will be similar to the food truck's menu and will include a "solid 10 to 12 classic Mac creations all the time and then a range of 15 to 25 toppings, mix-ins, crunches and drizzles for customers to build their own dream bowls of mac," Lieberman said.
Lieberman said the food truck, which is already booked for 2016 and 2017, will still be used for catering, special events and food festivals.

Earlier this month, Mac Mart was named one of America's 101 best food trucks by The Daily Meal.

Mac Mart's brick-and-mortar location has yet to be disclosed.