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May 27, 2015

Marijuana activist 'NJ Weedman' to open new restaurant in Trenton

A longtime marijuana activist known as NJ Weedman plans to open a new restaurant in downtown Trenton, FOX 29 reports.

The new East State Street restaurant, to be called NJ Weedman's Joint, promises healthy food.

NJ Weedman, also known as Edward Forchion, has been actively fighting New Jersey's laws banning marijuana use, even losing a bid for Congress in his efforts.

"I'm about as out of the cannabis closet as you can get," he told FOX 29. "I'm obviously reaching out to the cannabis consuming community, and to use a word like joint in my name I'm directing myself to them."

NJ Weedman said that while he will not be selling weed, medical marijuana patients will be allowed to smoke at his spiritual center next door. 

The restaurant is a block away from the federal courthouse, across the street from Trenton City Hall and around the corner from a church. 

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