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July 15, 2015

Watch: Mayor Nutter helps restrain homeless man

The physical encounter was captured by an amateur photographer, 6ABC reports

A physical encounter involving a homeless man and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was captured on video by an amateur photographer Tuesday and obtained by 6ABC.

The video shows the man, who identified himself as 56-year-old George Creamer, apparently engaged in a physical scuffle with a member of Nutter’s security team on the cement outside the Municipal Services Building in Center City.

Moments later, Nutter approaches the two and grabs the man by the arm, turning him onto his back and attempting to help calm him while the security official straddled and restrained him.

According to 6ABC, the man said he meant no harm in approaching the mayor and his team. He said he wanted to ask the mayor about the city’s plans in regards to the homeless population during Pope Francis’ visit in September.

"We're not gonna be allowed on the parkway when the pope comes and that's where I sleep. I only sleep down here when it's gonna rain," Creamer told 6ABC.

Creamer was not arrested following the incident, nor was a second homeless man who reportedly tried to join in the altercation but was stopped by security.

Nutter told 6ABC his goal in joining in the incident was to help calm and restrain the man, adding that he never felt threatened.

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