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September 06, 2017

Meek Mill breaks down what Allen Iverson meant to him while growing up in North Philadelphia

"To me, Allen Iverson was running our city at the time," Meek Mill said in a recent interview with Complex

Rapper Meek Mill said that meeting former Sixer Allen Iverson was nothing short of "a dream."

Robert Rihmeek Williams, best known by his stage name, broke down exactly what Iverson meant to him growing up in North Philadelphia during a recent appearance on Complex's "Sneaker Shopping," where the magazine's Joe La Puma takes artists and athletes out for an interview and quick shopping trip to shoe stores across the country.

"To me, Allen Iverson was running our city at the time," Meek Mill said during the interview at Stadium Goods in New York City. "He was the only person you could see with your own two eyes in a Rolls Royce. You get motivated different than when you see it on TV."

Meek Mill explained that Iverson had it all – "the style," "charisma," "the braids, everything."

The eight-minute-long Complex interview comes weeks after Meek Mill's feature on Pitchfork's "Over/Under," a segment where celebrities are given a list of random foods, people or trends and are asked to explain if they're overrated or underrated. Meek Mill was quick to call Iverson underrated, adding that Iverson is "one of [his] biggest role models."

"We used to be on the corner like, I wonder what Allen Iverson's doing right now," Meek Mill said. "He's probably got 20 chicks in Miami somewhere. We just used to be pondering sometimes, me and my homies. But yeah, it's definitely a dream to meet AI and be around him and be a part of his life."

Meek Mill said that his mom would usually buy him the sneakers he wanted, but that wasn't always the case.

"Growing up, some months you had good months, you get the Jordans, some months you don't," he said.

The famous rapper racked up a close-to $4,000 bill during the segment.

Check out the full interview below: